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Hallgerdur soap
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Hallgerdur soap*

Hallgerdur soap Summary

Hallgerdur 100gr. soap
The soap is named after one of the most famous Icelandic Viking ladies. Hallgerdur Langbrok was one of the most beautiful ladies of the Viking age in Iceland and was married to Gunnar Hamundarson. They lived at Hlidarendi in Fljotshlid in Iceland. She must have made her own special soap. We can well imagine her formula but have refined it a little by adding our romantic fragrance oil. We are confident the soap will give your skin the good looks, strength and beauty as we imagine this formula must have given to Hallgerdur.
You can read more about Hallgerdur and Gunnar in Njal's Saga.

Icelandic tallow, Coconut oil, Icelandic Canola oil, Salt, Sugar, Icelandic water, Pink colorant, Romance fragrance oil and Canola seeds.

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